NORMALLY $297/Month 
~one time offer~
TODAY ONLY $147/Month
  • Accounts Receivable - Need help invoicing customers and keeping track of customer balances?
  • Accounts Payable - Need help keeping your vendors paid up and tracking incoming bills?
  • Class Tracking - Would you like to know specific profitability on certain jobs or service offerings each month?
  • Cash Flow Analysis - Would you like to see detailed reports on your cash flow so you can plan future investments?

Let's Take Your Business To The Next Level

We offer a variety of services to fit your bookkeeping needs, whatever stage your business is at!

Full Service Bookkeeping with monthly reporting
LLC from $425/mo
S-Corp+Payroll from $650

Tired of feeling split between growing your business and keeping track of the growth?  It might be time to hire a bookkeeper!  Even if you are months (or years!) behind, we can get you caught up so you are tax and audit ready 12 months a year!  Through our use of Quickbooks Online software, we can virtually track and organize all your business accounts. We provide you with comprehensive monthly reports of your most up-to-date numbers, giving you the clarity to make strong, accurate financial decisions for your business.   Come tax time, we'll be there to support and assist in making tax prep and filing with your CPA a smooth and efficient experience.  You can rest easy knowing your business financials are correct, organized, and optimized for the best tax deductions with no end of the year scramble!

(Bonus:  Cash Flow Budgeting & Advisory Services are available as an add on to our full service bookkeeping clients only )

BOSS of your BOOKS!
Bookkeeping & Quickbooks Software
HIGH Accountability,
Actually get it DONE, PRIVATE VIP Program
TWO Months
 $775 Per Month

Not quite ready for a Full Service bookkeeper but have outgrown using spreadsheets?  
Find the learning curve of financial software overwhelming?  
Would you love to pick a bookkeepers brain about how you have been handling the books?
BOSS of your BOOKS Bookkeeping and Quickbooks Program is a great way to get PERSONALIZED, HANDS ON training in your QBO Software, under the guidance of an actual bookkeeper and QBO ProAdvisor.  I will provide STEP BY STEP guidance on how to set your business bookkeeping up for success, make sure your software is customized to meet your business needs, provide  real time training and practice on bookkeeping skills within QBO via FOUR 70 min 1:1 Zoom meetings. Then provide TONS of Unlimited email and Voxer support during the entire process so you feel supported, guided and ACCOUNTABLE to get it DONE! throughout this 60 DAY COURSE

NEW! *END OF COURSE BONUS* - 90 days additional support via email for FREE! (a $400 value!)   
Special 12 month pricing on your QBO subscription is included in this offer for NEW QBO customers!

BOSS of your BOOKS!
 Bookkeeping, Quickbooks, & Banking  HIGH Accountability,
Actually get it DONE, PRIVATE VIP Program
THREE Months 
$775 Per Month

Everything you'll find in our TWO MONTH program with an ADDED 30 DAYS of support getting financials and bank accounts cleaned up and organized for success!
This added month is perfect for an entrepreneur at the starting gate of their business who wants to get their business financials set up correctly from the start!
An entrepreneur who is off and running but now find themselves with their income/expenses scattered among personal and business accounts and is ready to GET ORGANIZED!
The additional 30 days will be used to setup you up in an online banking platform that caters to small businesses called Relay, AND get you comfortable using it!  There are so many benefits to using Relay for banking in your business, but the biggest is the ability to real time budget for your business RIGHT IN YOUR BANK ACCOUNT. 
(If you happen to be a Profit First follower, this is the ONLY Profit First endorsed banking platform.)
With everything cleaned up and organized, you'll be ready for our
remaining 2 MONTHS together in the Bookkeeping and Quickbooks Program as outlined.

Additional Services

If needed we can add these additional services to meet your needs


Need payroll, need a better payroll, or just need the weight of payroll off your plate?  

We can help with that!

Budgeting & Advisory

Have fluctuating income and struggle to budget for those low cash flow months?

We can help with that!

QBO Desktop to Online

Looking to switch from Quickbooks Desktop to Online without losing any of your data?

We can help with that!


9 Easy Write Offs
 Small Business
Can Use To
Save $$$$ on Taxes

Having a small business means access to special tax write-offs
This guide will show you how to implement 9 easy write offs commonly missed by business owners

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